Julia Jackson

Feeling like crap, your jeans not fitting (personal pet peeve If you have noticed the theme),
and the UNENDING amount of diets and weight loss options on the market.

Understanding what is the best choice for YOU is a daunting scenario which leaves most of us stuck, just plain STUCK. (And the scale shows it) Not moving forward and NOT taking action on our goals.

So often we join a gym, start a fitness routine or join the latest craze in health (hellooooooo pure barre) but we fall off in a few weeks.

Know why?

Because we are floating on our own with no plan other than our end goal which JUST seems so far away. Can you guess what the difference is between those who succeed and those who fail time and time again?


When you flounder on your own, your habits & old beliefs are just waiting for you to self sabotage!

Yet, when you find someone who cares if you show up, someone who cares about YOU and your goals, and someone who is gonna hold you to it, even when you don’t wanna.

The entire game CHANGES.

Does that sound nice? Does that sound helpful?


Julia Jackson
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The 21 day online Fit Challenge
is PERFECTO for you IF YOU...

...Have tried it all and a bag of chips (or maybe the whole chip aisle) in terms of diet plans

...Don’t have a lot of time on your hands to workout, meal prep or do that kinda stuff

...Have an event coming up soon you wanna look bangin for!

...Need to see some gosh dang RESULTS already-and quickly please!

...Just had a baby and wanna get that bod back (me!!)

...Have a desire to tone up, lose a few pounds or all the way up to 100 pounds.

21 Day Challenge
  • Daily accountability check ins with yours truly (and yup! I’m gonna get real invested in your goals so prepare for me to actually CARE). Plus the help, support and guidance of other women who are on a similar journey to yours... HIII NEW FRIENDS! You get me for a FULL YEAR. I'll be with you Every. step. of. the way. So there is no running time clock, no hurry and no "missing out" Im YOURS sista
  • Access to our private Challenge app for daily motivational posts, tips, ideas and tracking
  • 30 premium superfood meal replacement Shakes (Valued at $130). You can choose between our regular whey formula or plant based protein if dairy is not your friend
  • Portion Fix Nutrition guide: Learn what foods best fuel your body and how to put them together with fun meal plans and grocery lists ($20 value).
  • ADORABLE portion control color coded containers to pack, store and portion your food out ($14.95 Value).
  • PS. Just know your co-workers will covet these cute containers and will ask LOTS of questions.
  • The Best part. Drum roll please.......ONE FULL YEAR of  Beachbody on Demand - basically Netflix for fitness - with over 2,00 Streaming world class workouts like P90X, INSANITY, Turbo Fire and TONS more (There is even an in home yoga studio series!) --->(Over $1,500 value).  

  • --->Oh! did I mention you can access them almost instantly once you purchase? HOLLER! 

Julia Jackson

It’s your time to shine, to feel BEAUTIFUL, to learn proper nutrition and for you to FLOURISH.

Let’s get goin’! I can’t wait to see you sparkle!


Julia Jackson
Maggie T
I love challenge groups because they hold me accountable. Having to post a daily workout pic makes me feel like getting my workout in is not an option, I have to do it! I also love the motivation I get from seeing my fellow challengers’ posts. Whether we’re sharing recipes or sharing our frustrations, it is so helpful to see that we’re all in this together, we’re all human and we all struggle sometimes!
— Maggie T

Lindsay B
When I decided to finally make a change in my health I knew it was going to be hard. Having a group of other people going through the same thing made it easier. Having to be accountable to not only myself is what really gave me the push to get through each day. So thank you to everyone for the support! And a big thank you to Julia Jackson for being a great coach!
— Lindsay B

Jessica S
I’ve had a hard time sticking with my weight loss goals because I haven’t had the most free time with grad school, an internship and working full time but now that I’m laid off and done with grad school (hooray!!) I’ve had time to make a schedule and stick to it. I knew that in order for me to finish my goals being a part of this group was necessary! Having that support and motivation here each and every day helps more than I can say! I also hope that what I put forth helps others too!!

Lauren E
I had been thinking about doing 21 day fix for some time and just needed the final push to get it done. When Julia offered a support group, I was quick to jump at the opportunity. The folks in the group are working towards similar goals and it’s been a terrific community. Seeing their “sweaty selfies” helps to motivate me to get my workout done. I don’t want to be the only one not posting that photo! Then there are all the recipes! Everyone has come up with or found such great ideas for foods that it’s nice to share! I have tried and failed at a number of different workout routines. The 30 minute workouts with 21 day fix have been perfect! But, what has truly made it all worth while is the support from those in the group and Julia, our coach! She is passionate about what she does and that passion is contagious!
— Lauren E
A quick fix. Yes! This is perfect. 21 days, and I will be fixed (not kidding…this is exactly what I was signing up for, in the middle of the night, when I started my journey.) Little did I know how transformational this experience could be, from the inside out. Julia (our fabulous coach), supported my goals, habits to kick, and inspired me to become the best version of myself. Her support, love, and knowledge around health have guided our group to achieve great milestones in a mere 14 days. This is the first time in my life where I have felt comfortable sharing “before” photos, sweaty pics, and vulnerability with others. I want to eat healthy because I feel better, more confident and I deserve the best! I appreciate the Beachbody system, coach support and tools Julia has provided; challenge group, inviting us to “coach” for a day, and a supportive text to read a bit by day. It’s been so much FUN to share recipes, tips and stories with one another. We are better together! This is a new, preferred, sparkling way to live, and I am all in! I know this journey will be everlasting, and the first 21 days will mark “chapter one”. Thank you, Julia, team and Beachbody!
— Annie

Tom A

Challenge groups are crucial to success on these programs! Beachbody’s programs are already rock solid - nutritionists have sorted out the meal plans, and fitness experts have crafted these brilliant and effective workout routines. But this doesn’t do you any good if you lack the motivation and accountability to actually follow your program, and that’s where the challenge groups come in! My challenge group was a resource, and a reminder that I wasn’t going through this alone. I could count on them to share pointers, recipes, and to show off their sweaty selfies. We celebrate our victories together - whether that’s a scale victory, or a non-scale victory. When I’d see another challenger post that they just completed their workout, it would light a fire under me to get my workout in as well. And when I finished, first thing I’d do is snap my sweaty selfie to share it with the group - I’d feel proud that I just finished another workout, and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. Finding that accountability in my challenge groups was key. I never would have found the drive to keep working without the motivation and support that I received from my group, and to them I owe my results and my successes.

Chad D
Challenge groups worked amazing for me! Having a group to go to whenever I needed, really helped me WANT to do the workouts. I sometimes looked at it as a game- if I did my workout and posted a photo after, whether of me all sweaty, or of all my food, I felt like I got a prize (aka- sense of accomplishment). The long term prize was what I was going for: a healthier lifestyle, while having the continuing support of not only my coach, but as well as my fellow groupies. And on the flip side- it was great congratulating and helping push other people towards their goals, since we are all there for similar reasons! Even after a year of joining my first group, and now just recently joining a new one, I enjoy being part of a community where we all want to improve ourselves- it helps me mentally grow as a person, helps me stay positive through my day, and the obvious, helps me live the healthier lifestyle I want and DESERVE! Accountability, support, and positivity- that’s what I get from my groups with Julia!