Love Your Body
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Are you at war with food?

Do you stress and constantly obsess about what you are putting into your body?

Do you beat yourself up if you “fall off the wagon” and eat a cupcake?

Are you on an emotional roller coaster going from diet to diet?

Love Your Body

As a society, we are OBSESSED with our food choices. And guess what? It’s stopping us from living, and it’s keeping us FAT. That’s right. Excessive stress surrounding our food choices release hormones that actually make our bodies GAIN weight. EESHHH!!

It’s time we all learned how to relax about food once and for all! I want us to break free from our collective FOOD PRISON!

My 7-Day Love Your Body Workbook is an answer to your prayer, my love - a workbook generated from my own personal desire to break free of the self-imposed body jail I had been inhabiting for more than a decade. I wanted a way to enjoy my food, love my life, not stress, AND be a smaller, tighter, more toned version of myself.

Love Your Body
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Over time and with much back and forth - two steps forward one step back - I began to uncover some clues about my own mismanagement of food. And here is what I did. I focused on some serious self-evaluation, got real with my insecurities, and faced my issues head on. I set pure intentions behind my weight loss goals. And surprise! The formula didn't come from obsessively counting calories, avoiding social situations, or vowing to never eat cake again (cause cake makes life worth living. Let's be real). It ultimately came from the spirit within myself.

In the meantime, I was coaching hundreds of women with my online challenges. Why was it that some THRIVED, had great weight loss success, accomplished their goals with peace around their eating choices? And some totally FLOPPED?

I began to detect a sad pattern.

The participants that were beating themselves up about the foods they ate and feeling guilty about their exercise - quite frankly, they were having crappy results.  

Love Your Body

I loved them and cared deeply about what they were trying to accomplish. I knew they deserved to succeed. I’d been there myself, counting every calorie, tracking every workout. I was convinced there was something missing. I wanted to provide more help. So I began to write things down - observations, conversations, affirmations. I began to lay out the fundamentals that all “diet plans” are lacking, and my simple workbook was born.      


By following some basic principles, I worked on:

+ Transforming my relationship with food
+ Feeling at peace about my choices
+ DEEPLY loving the skin I’m in  
+ And enjoying some F’ing cupcakes while I was at it :)

Because YOU are not bad if you eat a cupcake, and YOU are not perfect if you eat #allthekale.  

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In my 7-Day Love Your Body Workbook, you will learn:

  • Why beating yourself up about food choices is sabotaging your weight loss goals.

  • Why waiting until you “lose the weight” to live your life is DETRIMENTAL to your health and sanity - and totally sucks the life out of you.  

  • Tips for loving yourself RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Can I get an AMEN!

  • How to create the right SPIRIT when setting your sights on a health goal.  

  • The dangers of rushing through your eating and the toll it takes on your health.  

  • How to manifest and focus on the body you deserve and feel like a sexy mo fo.

Love Your Body

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