Day 1 Recap


*Post in the group:

1) List your fears and excuses. What is holding you back from getting healthy and feeling good?

2) What is your dream scenario when it comes to “getting your body back?”

3) How will getting healthy help you to be a better mom, wife, friend and human?


Day 2 Recap


*Post in the group:

1) What is some of the negative self talk that you have been repeating to yourself (This might take some digging-if you are just starting to become AWARE of your thoughts, you might not know all the awful things you have been saying to yourself)

2) What is one great affirmation you can use when you start to feel yourself slip into negative body talk?

Here are some examples if you need help:

I completely love and accept myself JUST AS I AM

I am working toward being a healthier person

I am excited about moving my body daily and filling my belly with nourishing foods

I am deserving and capable of losing weight and feeling amazing in my skin

3) Did you have any “aha” moments as you wrote your affirmation out? Or anything else you would like to share with us?



*Post in the group:

1) What type of atmosphere do you like working out in? Outside? In a classroom setting with other people? At home in the privacy of your basement (#pantsoptional)?

2) What kind of exercise do you ENJOY doing? What makes it Fun for you?

3) What are 3 ways you could incorporate exercise into your daily routine?

Maybe it's adding a morning walk to burn some extra calories. Maybe it's parking further away at the grocery store. Maybe it’s doing squat lunges up the stairs holding your baby!



*Post in the group:

1) What is a typical day of eating like for you? Do you think you are getting enough calories? (please be honest!)

2) What are some of your favorite healthy foods that you could snag at the store this week and start incorporating into your routine?

3) What is your meal planning/prep routine (if you have one) for getting in enough food? If you don't meal plan, do you think creating one would help?



*Post in the group:

1) What is your current morning routine?

2) What is your ideal morning routine?

3) Can you meet in the middle? What would be realistic and achievable for you to have on your list?



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