#mombod Challenge January 2018

You are #IN mamma!


 I'm looking forward to getting to know you and helping you feel AMAZING!  You will recieve your course materials and login before we start on Jan 22 2018! 

💌Don't let Gmail "promotions" tab keep us apart! Make sure you check your email to confirm your subscription there (or any junk folder) 

*If you signed up for the Signature Package with 1:1 Coaching Ill be reaching out to you shortly!


1.  Join the Facebook Group. Ill be posting in there througout the challenge to keep you energized and inspired and that is where our live group coaching calls will take place! 

2.  Say hi and introduce yourself in the group! (bonus point if you find an accountability partner) 

3. Hang tight and enjoy your week! I'll be filling that group up with simple meal ideas, guides and TONS of fun stuff before our start date January 22nd!