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If I told you you could have freedom with your food, never diet again and LOVE the skin you are in would you believe me?



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I want to lovingly take you into my arms and give you a big old hug and hand you a cupcake because guess what?




I want to help you bring to life your goals and your desires so you feel






So you can be the mom and human you are meant to be


Hi! Im Julia

I spent way too many years obsessively dieting and worrying about what I “should” be eating. After giving birth to my daughter I needed a sustainable approach to health that I could have fun with.

With a few simple tweaks, I upgraded the quality of my food and lowered my stress level around eating, helping me to drop the pregnancy weight with little effort. (While still eating the things I loved! #cake)

Now its my mission to help moms get healthy from the inside out so they can feel amazing and flourish

Healthy eating can be


Let me teach you how

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We take a close look at the myths we have been taught about what we "should" be eating and how we "should" be exercising. I will show you the habits and mindset I put in place to completely free me from food jail,  body shaming, counting calories and working out like a crazy person.

Once we get our mindset and hearts in the right place we dive deep into lessons on quality foods, meal plans, workout guides and daily practices (that don't take up a ton of time) So you can actually start seeing the changes you want to see in your body. #HOLLAR

THE BEST PART: All of the information in the program is tailored for moms just like you and me, so its SIMPLE. Simple recipes, snacks and ideas for nourishing your body on a tight timeline and budget (cause let me real....Moms ain't gotta lotta time)


This is my favorite part of #MOMBOD. Since this a program designed specifically for moms, it is safe and friendly place for you to ask for guidance, get feedback and make incredible new friends. Inside our VIP private #mombod Facebook community you have a chance to develop deep relationships with other moms just like you from all over the country-bringing a sense of fun and true accountability to this program.

What you will learn:


Module 1: Setting the foundation

This module will be packed with the foundations of HOW to change your habits.

I'll teach you how to clean out and stock your pantry for success, the foundation of meal planning and prep (and how its SO much easier than you are making it)  and what whole food eating looks like . 

We also cover how to lose weight without changing what you eat, How to clear your home of and body of toxins!



MODULE 2: Releasing your inner mean girl

We will go over the psychology of eating and why dieting is sabotaging your weight loss effort. 

Learn the 6 pillars of mindful and purposeful eating and how to set your metabolism on fire! 

You will transform your relationship with food,  learn to love your body, make eating a joyful and spiritual act full of love, joy and beauty

Ill even show you how to eat and workout according to your menstural cycle (so cool!) 


MODULE 3: changing your habits

We will cover eating well, water intake, exercise, rest and energy management I'll show you easy to implement hacks and lifestyle tips so you can make these a priority and not lose your sanity! 

Ill even show you how to eat and workout according to your menstural cycle (so cool!) 









Module 4: Sustainable Success

Set your self up for success by creating a daily and weekly routine that is tailored just FOR YOU! You will walk away feeling confident, prepared and excited to continue your journey! 

This module also covers how to continue making yourself a priority, putting self love at the core of all of your wellness efforts 


And don't forget the best part: An Online community of moms for you to plug into 

Weekly live coaching calls (totally optional!) where you can come ask questions from me, daily accountability posts and a TON more goodies sprinkled throughout the program!  




I'll Even throw in these bonuses! 

Get my 7 Day LOVE YOUR BODY workbook for free! 

My GIANT list of favorite healthy go to recipes!

download my Coffee and Tea Rituals! 10 Delicious and healthy morning treats

A special training from an eating psychology coach


I want you to understand that


When I discovered this, my whole world changed. I knew that to love myself  RIGHT NOW was the most important catalyst for the changes I wanted to see. That I had to make peace with my newly shaped postpartum body, to embrace its beauty and realize it created my favorite human.

My body was a champion and I needed to start treating it that way! 



Having a community of moms all dedicated to being healthier was a wonderful benefit! Being able to ask questions and also offer support made this group feel like a true community.
— Kia M.

"I have learned to view my body differently and appreciate all the good it has done and is still doing. #MOMBOD is changing my mindset and I find that because of it, I WANT to make healthier choices. It's kinda crazy how that works!"

-Jordan G

“I feel positive about where I am at and where I am going. I loved meeting new mom friends and sharing our journeys.
— Valerie W

"I feel better and my overall mood is more positive. I'm starting to look at food in a different light and choosing smart foods in becoming easier."

-Sarah G

"I'm not going to feel guilty about enjoying some fun foods. I am learning to truly savor what I eat. I'm looking for soul nourishment, not just fuel."

-Kendra P

I’m starting to really think before I eat. I mindlessly eat. So now I’m stopping to see what my body really needs. I love listening to my body and I loved the meal prep ideas!
— Sarah Y

"I've learned to not beat myself up, but also listen to my body and feed it what it wants. I feel so much more confident in my mindset. I know its a destination and I'm a work in progress."

-Danielle T

I really enjoyed the program! I loved the recipes, daily planner ideas, meal prep and workout ideas! Julia you really nailed it!
— Robin G

In Summary, You'll Get...

+4 weekly Q&A calls

I'll answer all your questions and make sure you feel supported in your journey! (a $297 Value) They will all be recorded also-so you can watch on your own time 


+4 step by step modules

These value packed videos are 5-15 minutes long (max!) So you can learn healthy habits and mindsets to get you on the right path! 

+GIANT list of my favorite go to healthy recipes!

Need a boost to get started? Download my list of healthy recipes for a great jumpstart to your new habits (a $27 value)

+All quickstart + Bonus material

Get started RIGHT AWAY with simple tips, my 3 day quick-start and the 4 Nutritional myths we have all fallen prey to! You will also get my coffee and tea rituals download, and Love Your Body e-book (Valued at $47!) and so, SO much more!

+Lifetime access

You heard me right! No rush, no stress, you can come back to the videos and community anytime you want! Hooray!! (Priceless!) And as 


+Workout suggestions

Need some ideas and inspirations to get that beautiful bod moving? I have lots of fun ideas and plans to get your started no matter what your fitness level is

+Private VIP Facebook Community

Connect with Other Moms who are on the same path as you and make new friends! (a $37 a month value) 


+Food freedom forever

Learn how to ditch the dieting mentality for good, love your body and eat some friggin cake!! 



****Enrollment Currently is CLOSED****

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Listen up mamma!

You deserve to feel healthy

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So you can be the mom and human you were meant to be!

Finish #mombod feeling like you have a plan that you can actually Impliment on a daily basis into your life

Frequently asked questions:

1. How much time with this program take each week?

As much or as little as you like. If you are in the mood and want to watch a lot of the content-great! If you want to take it slow-great! You get lifetime access to all these materials so you can go at your own pace. 

2. Help! Im not a Mom but I really wanna do the program! Can I do it?

Yeah girl! If you are a dog mom or consider yourself a nurturer or any sort you belong with us! Some of the content will be directed towards moms but you will find so much valuable training and information you won't even care! 

3. What If I'm not on facebook?

You are welcome to do #mombod! Most of the daily communication and relationships will be built on the private online facebook community group-so depending on how involved you want to be in the community this might or might not be the program for you. 

4. What if now is not a good time for me? Will you be doing this program again?

I will be running it again but it will most likely be $100 more so if you want to jump in with the discount now you will have lifetime access to the program so you can start any time you like! 

5. What If I am a Beachbody Coach? Can I do this program?

Unfortunately no. Due to the policies and procedures for me as a Beachbody distributor I am unable to sell #mombod to existing Coaches in the network.

6. What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

I'm pretty dang sure you are going to love #mombod, but if you are not 100% happy send me an email at julia@juliajacksonxo.com within 10 days of purchasing and I will refund your money. After 10 days there are no refunds. 


Basically-I'm not a doctor so this information is what I have found works for me and my hope in sharing it with you is that it leads down a path of healthy living, beauty, and transformation- but its not intended to treat, diagnose or replace your doctor! 

The information provided in this group and included in all related communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information in this group for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.


****Enrollment is CURRENTLY CLOSED****

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See you there mamma! 

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