What I do:

I help moms get healthy body and soul so they can be the mom and human they are meant to be. Moms literally run our world! They shape the lives of tiny humans all around planet earth. I believe in my heart, that getting healthy is one of the most tangible pieces of the puzzle to make our world brighter, more loving and full of compassion. You see, when you start making changes to your eating and fitness, it infuses into all other areas of your life. 

Who It's For:

Mom's who need a sustainable way to get healthy. It's for moms who are past the dieting gimmicks they used to use to lose weight. For a mom that needs compassion, tenderness and grace for her new body. She  wants to set a great example to her family, have more energy, sleep better, feel sexy, and be more joyful in all she does!

If you are short on time, don't want to calorie count or workout like a crazy person, my philosophy is right up your alley!

WHy it's special:

Every solution starts with a problem. Mine was that diets straight up SUCK!  I needed a better way to lose weight and feel great. The LAST thing moms need is guilt. Being told you are a failure because you didn't eat perfectly according to your diet stinks.

Guess what? YOU are not bad if you eat a slice of cake and YOU are not perfect if all you eat is kale. 

It's the inside, the way we talk to ourselves that makes the most impact on our lives. When we learn how to talk to our bodies with compassion the whole game changes. We start seeing ourselves as super hero's who grew tiny humans in us (like-that is so stinking cool!!)

How it works:

We start with the inside work, we learn how to reframe all the bull S%it dieting advice we have gotten all our lives and re-program our brains. We learn how to listen intuitively to what our bodies need. We learn how sustainable and high quality nutrition can significantly effect our health and well being. And then start taking those foods into our every day life with simple meal plans, grocery lists and easy to implement strategies. 

What's next:


Need some help getting started?

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Hi! Im Julia


Not long ago, I was smack dab where you are.

My home, my calendar and even my mind were all overflowing with “stuff.”

And, of course, I was also STILL desperately trying to do #allthethings, all the time, for all the people...even with a newborn baby.

For me, #mommingsohard and being #tiredasamother weren’t just cute slogans on graphic tees–they were my everyday reality.

Yep: I had a TINY baby, but a BIG problem.

But it wasn’t just the plethora of sippy cups on the floor or the extra “play dates” in the calendar that bothered me...

...It was the fact that all this “stuff” made me feel constantly on edge, off my rocker and VERY unlike my usual sunshine-y, happy self.

Luckily, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was actually doing more cleaning (and obsessing over everything from the budget to the groceries) than living and loving on my baby. Ohhff

That’s when I knew things had to change...and pronto.

So, together with the hubs, we started clearing space for only the things we loved–in every area.

And as time went on, not only did our home become a simpler, easier place to be, but it cleared space in my brain, too!

In time, I finally had room to think, be present, and actually enjoy being mama. (Who knew?)

(Translation? We stopped rushing around all the time, running ourselves ragged & feeling burdened by the lives–and “things”–we were supposed to love!)

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Fun Facts


  • I'm obsessed with watermelon.
  • Favorite color is sparkle – Yes that's a color!
  • 2nd favorite is white! Also not a really a color - it’s kind of a revolution!
  • My first business was a cupcake biz. SassyCakes ™ “These Cakes Kick Sass!”
  • I love to clean my house... Like, I really love it.
  • I once had a bright future as a competitive ice dancer....I'm still hopeful it will pan out ;)
  • When I was in the 4th grade my favorite activity was sleep (wrote this on a project)...this still remains to this day and especially after becoming a mom!
  • My husband calls my coffee “Candy coffee” cause I like all the SWEETNESS.
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Need some inspiration?

(or wanna internet stalk me? It's ok I do it too!)



I love creating new recipes that are fresh, simple to prepare and nourishing. Each recipe fits into an easy meal plan that will help you take hold of your health once and for all! 


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For moms who want to get their body back after baby but refuse to live in a world without cake.

It's my signature group coaching program I run a few times a year. When you invest in yourself and make your health a priority you succeed.



I love finding ways to make wellness EASIER and more FUN for moms!  I have a whole library of free goodies including a clean eating grocery list, meal planner, day planner and smoothie guide!