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You crave freedom - in all areas: with your time, your income and your life.
You want to use your gifts to better the world and those around you.
You are looking for a creative and innovate way to exit the 9-5 grind.
You are positive, loving, passionate and caring.
You have that stirring inside you to create, dream big and forge your own path.
You want to be at home with your kiddos.
You want to get out of debt - or maybe just get your nails done (guilty!!)

EEE! If this is true for you, then you might have just found your calling sister.

If you are feeling encouraged and inspired I urge you to think outside the box. With hard work, and lots of heart and hustle, you can build an incredible income that you can be proud of.
Working online, from your laptop anywhere in the world, you have the ability to create and run an amazing business.


How does it work?

We start with YOU

You get to take YOUR JOURNEY and pay it forward. That is first and foremost - you feeling good and working on yourself. Plugging into your fitness and nutrition, and seeing RESULTS. We start there and build the bricks of a solid foundation for your business step by step.  I’ll teach you all the skills you need to run a successful and authentic Coaching business-even if you don’t have any experience.  

(It’s all learned-wahoo).

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Julia Jackson

Our Team “Living the Dream Team” is ranked in the top 1% of All Coaches in the Network - this ranking is determined by how many Coaches I personally help succeed - and that is something I’m VERY proud of. We have endless amounts of training, tools, guidance and support to get you started with a bang.

Living The Dream Team

Julia Jackson

Two years ago I went ALL IN in my Coaching business. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired (and broke.)  Since then I’ve quit my job, retired my hubs and make a 6 figure income...


For the longer version head to my story page.

Ready to check it out?

I only accept 5 New Coach interns per month so if you would like to be considered or just learn more fill out this form below.

Mica D
Coaching has helped me get into the best shape of my life and has helped me to create a goal for a sustainable future as a performer. The personal development has helped me in all aspects of my life and I feel more centered and grounded than ever before!

Baily W
Coaching has TRANSFORMED my ways I never saw possible. Mentally, emotionally, physically + financially...I have found a family, I have found my self-love, I have found my strength and I have found my freedom. Coaching changed the game of life for me. It gave me the potential to live life MY way. I get to change lives for a living! I mean, seriously?! Can we say living the dream?! The most fulfilling part of being a coach is the gift of connecting and building relationships with my challengers and my coaches...I love people! And now I get to hear their goals, get to know them and help them create their dream lifestyle. It’s everything.

Ron T
I’m not a religious man, but the blessing that has been BeachBody coaching came into my life for a reason, and I honestly feel the effects are far greater than just work outs and superfood shakes. It taught me about staying the course. It taught me that when it’s toughest, that’s when you have to go even harder! It taught me that haters are corny, and always will be, but I have the ability to carry on with kindness and positivity!

Amy W
I was overweight, had no energy, had no support and failed so some many times at attempting to lose weight. And I was ashamed of the weight I had put on over the years.
I had tired so many things to lose weight and I would always give up after 2 weeks because the scale did not move. But, for the first time I found something that worked for me and I saw results.
I proud to say I am down 30 lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life. This has become a lifestyle before - it was a diet. Finding a balanced nutrition and workout program that I could do at home, 30 minutes a day was key for me. But most important was the support. I never had that before, and always failed. Now I am always in a challenge group, participating right along with all my challengers because it keeps me accountable and motivated.
My journey has not been easy, but it has been totally worth it.

Lynn M
Coaching has been one of the best decisions of my life. It’s not always easy but change doesn’t come from being in the same place doing the same things! I’ve learned how to open up, how to be loved for who I am and through my struggles, how to push myself so I can help others and that being healthy and happy is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves! Every day is a new step in the process and I’m loving every minute!
Bobbi L
Coaching has given me a new lease on life.
Before Beachbody I was Fat and miserable and didn’t know what to do with myself.
A year later I have lost 45 lbs and I am accountable to my groups to lose the last 30lbs. I have a steady growing business and I am able to pay for all of my products with this business as well as our phone bill. I feel hopeful and excited that my future will be fun and fulfilling!

Amanda R
I joined the Beachbody family January 4, 2016 as a customer after seeing pictures of a high school friend who had amazing results from the 21 day fix extreme. After 2 rounds of the 21 day fix extreme, along with shakeology, I lost 17 pounds and 6 inches off my waist and felt the best I had ever felt in my life!!! After receiving compliment after compliment and people interested in how I got such great results I decided to sign up as a coach with Beachbody. Beachbody has given me the opportunity to break out of my shell and meet new people who have now become my friends, another source of income to help with bills and the opportunity to make this business a full time job with unexplainable freedom. I have only been a coach for 5 months now and I am so excited and can’t wait to see how far I go within this company.

Ada W
Coaching and Beachbody has turned what I thought was it for me, I was going to be stuck at 240lbs, miserable, stuck taking meds forever. Just stuck with who i saw in the mirror. Beachbody changed all that. It gave me what I needed.. the SUPPORT of like minded people that knew what exactly I was going through. The motivation I really needed since my husband was always deployed and not physically here to push me, these groups of people really gave me the push I needed. Coaching has not only helped me in weight-loss it has brought so many people into my life that I can now truly call my friends. I believe that I am that much better because of all of this. I am the version I knew I was in the inside just now my outside matches my inside. Journey is not complete but life is grand.

Ray B
Beachbody Coaching has literally become an addiction! And what other addiction is as fulfilling and beneficial as helping others reach their health & fitness goals while reaching the same goals yourself. This was a lifestyle change that NEEDED to be done and I’ll never look back!

Without the coaching opportunity, I may have never been able to make the connections and friends I have made! I now have a whole community of people, of friends to be there for me & help me through my husbands deployment and help me better myself! We all have the same desires & wants— the desire to become better versions of ourselves and help others better themselves! It’s a never ending cycle, and it is SO great to be a part of something so much bigger than myself!