Julia Jackson

Maybe it’s because I am an only child or maybe I just don’t like to be told what to do.
I’d say an equal mix of both…

I had always craved a life where I was in charge. I wanted a life where I was in control of my day, my job, my hours, and truly in charge of my life.

Where no one could tell me what to do, or how to spend my time. That is what I wanted to create and gosh dangit...

Figure out a way

I started my fitness journey back in 2009. I was just out of college – overweight, out of shape, lost at the gym, and in need of some structure. I bought P90X from a friend and made the decision to sign up to be a Coach just for the discount. I knew I didn’t need to have a perfect body, or 6 pack abs, or do anything perfect (cause let’s be real. I was nowhere near an ideal body) but I knew that I wanted to stay accountable, and maybe I could help someone else along the way. I did P90X all the way thru and got great results. I felt good, my jeans fit, and I was feeling more confident.

People started asking me what I was doing, so it was a very natural progression to pay my fitness forward and begin to help other people.

I started to see how this business could really have an impact. I thrive off of helping people.

The more I helped, the more my own goals were being achieved.

Other People First
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While I have a background in acting and theater and as much as I loved what I was doing, I craved freedom for myself and my family even more. Nonstop hustle is the fastest way to squash that passion if you feel like you are getting nowhere FAST.

Two years ago I started to take my business seriously.

I set my mind on making this business work to create an income that is sustainable and stable for my family.

Julia Jackson

I have always wanted to have kids, so my husband and I thought - “Dream scenario” - How great would it be if we were both home? We could travel, have fun, raise our baby and give her endless opportunities and fun. Living the Dream as I like to say. And that has been my motto.

You Can Live The Dream Too!

We committed to our business and began to work with authentic, genuine, awesome people who had a similar vision.

To stay home with kids, or travel, have freedom, and get out of debt.

Our goals are met by working together and helping others get what they want.

After a few years of hard work I am happy to say we created exactly what we set out to do.

We run our business from home, or anywhere, and we choose our schedule.

Work Life

I started my business with a simple goal of earning enough to of pay for a manicure every two weeks or maybe some shopping money, but it has turned into so much more.

It turned into my purpose. To help others. To help them feel good in their skin, and have their jeans fit again, to get empowered and LOVE themselves inside and out.

To help people discover health and nutrition and a way to fit it into your life.

And also to teach people that they can think outside the box.

You are not obligated or required to do the normal 9-5 life. Boring! You get to live a life of passion ALL THE TIME!

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That thought is exciting and the feeling is contagious!

Live life outside the normal confines, and do something different and create something new.

I am so blessed to say by following my vision and passion regardless of what others said has come to fruition with some serious heart and hustle.

And now it is completely my mission to pass it along to other people.

To teach them how to do it and how to stay inspired. And build this amazing community of health, fitness, love, and above all...


So wherever your breakthrough needs to happen - on the scale or in your career, I’m your GAL!

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Fun Facts


  • I'm obsessed with watermelon.
  • Favorite color is White – is that a color?
  • 2nd favorite is sparkles! Also not a color - it’s kind of a revolution!
  • My first business was a cupcake biz. SassyCakes ™ “These Cakes Kick Sass!”
  • I love to clean... Like, I really love it.
  • I once had a bright future as a competitive ice dancer....Im still hopeful it will pan out ;)
  • When I was in the 4th grade my favorite activity was sleep (wrote this on a project)...this still remains.
  • My husband calls my coffee “Candy coffee” cause I like all the SWEETNESS.
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