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I love creating new recipes that are fresh, simple to prepare and nourishing. Each recipe fits into an easy meal plan that will help you take hold of your health once and for all! 


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For moms who want to get their body back after baby but refuse to live in a world without cake.

It's my signature group coaching program I run a few times a year. When you invest in yourself and make your health a priority you succeed.



I love finding ways to make wellness EASIER and more FUN for moms!  I have a whole library of free goodies including a clean eating grocery list, meal planner, day planner and smoothie guide! 



The #MOMBOD Revolution is a membership program where I give you the tools, inspiration, support, and community you need to be the kind of mother and human you are meant to be!  You’ll learn ways you can achieve harmony in your home, health, relationships and money and you will be supported every step of your journey. The #MOMBOD Revolution will help you wake up excited for your life

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After giving birth to my sweet baby girl, I tried going back to the way I used to get fit and lose weight. Turns out, having a baby changes everything! I was tired, overwhelmed and emotional. Putting myself on a strict diet was not the answer, I just knew it in my gut.

I started implementing small changes one at a time and giving myself lots of grace for my new (and much more jiggly) body. 😜   I started talking to myself with love and telling myself my body was a warrior. I would say "Julia! You made a human! You are strong, capable and special! Your body is amazing!" Fast forward to now, I have created a healthy relationship with my body and I feel better than I ever have.

It's my hearts mission to help as many mammas as I can experience this change.

I created the #MOMBOD Movement to show moms that there is a better way! When you take care of yourself and get healthy (body and soul) you not only feel and look better, but it makes you a better mom and human. Seriously-life just gets sweeter and sweeter.

Better moms, better world

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