How To Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

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I, like so many, am SO grateful for a fresh clean slate and a chance to start over for the New Year.  I think its incredibly valuable to take stock of what 2016 held, what I learned from it, and take note of what I would like to change for the future. For me, looking back at my goals gives me a clear picture of what I did (or didn't do) But I find that so many people never ACTUALLY set goals, so it makes it realllllyyy hard to assess if they are moving forward in the areas they want to be progressing in. So many of us stay STUCK.

A Goal without Action is merely a Dream. It has no substance. No merit. 

In come vision boards! Im a HUGE fan of writing something down on paper and proclaiming that it will happen in your life. I have found as I look back over my old Vision boards that mostly (not every single thing) has come to fruition! I KNOW in my heart its because I wrote it out, declared it, then made a simple plan to achieve it.

Things Ive had on past Vision Boards... Pay off my car. CHECK, Hit big Goals in my business. CHECK, Go on date nights with my hubs. CHECK. Go on a fun trip. CHECK! (Just to list a few)

The first Vision board I made I just cut things that inspired my out of magazines, threw some glitter on it, wrote some "feeling words" (I'll talk about this later) and called it good! The beauty is you can make this WHATEVER you want to make it. It can be a big full day of cutting and glueing and stickering, it could be made online with some images you find in a search engine, or it could have random trinkets, words, textures or anything else fun you could find...Truly let you imagination take flight!

vision board.jpg

So here are my favorite tips to creating a Kick Ass Vision Board

1. Gather your materials

You can go to a store and buy a bunch of stuff to create a look thats cohesive or just use stuff from your home (thats what I do!) Here is an idea list of items

  • Poster board
  • Glue/tape
  • Magazines
  • Your computer/printer to print specific images
  • Stickers 
  • Glitter (my fave)
  • Fun Markers or Pens
  • Scrapbook paper in fun patterns or glitter

2. Create space-both in your calendar and in your home

Doing this on a whim usually doesn't work cause you will feel stressed and run out of time. Create a couple hours in your calendar on a day you can truly relax.

Spread out all your supplies on the kitchen table or a spot that has plenty of free space. 

3. Find your images + words. 

Flip through the magazines and begin tearing/cutting out images/words/phrases that appeal to you

4. Paste them to the page

I never quite have a perfect plan when doing this I just go with the flow, put the things I love on there and then fill the rest in later with other stickers, words and doodles. Make sure to pick images that make you feel amazing and spark inspiration! 

5. Pick a few FEELING words

Often times we go for goals that we THINK we want, that will make us feel a certain way and often times we are disappointed when we hit them. They are not as fulfilling as we though because perhaps the intention behind them in wrong

Instead of waiting for that goal to make you feel a certain way, how can you feel that way in your every day life? The goal is to pick words that light you up, make you feel 100% YOU and that inspire creativity, peace and love. (If you have not read the book "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte its ALLLLL about this!)

My words for 2017 are:


Put these in fun colors all over your vision board so you are reminded to feel those things daily!

6. Put your vision board somewhere that you can see it.

Place it in a spot you will see several times throughout the day. Stop once in the morning and read it over (just take like 30 seconds to 1 min) Its amazing how doing this everyday will help keep your goals top of mind and keep your brain thinking of ways to make them actually happen!

7. Notice + heal any resistance.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

As your begin making your visions real, you may start to notice resistance in the form of stories, habits, and patterns that are in the way. Heal them so that you can move closer and closer to what you want. 

One of the BEST things you can do is take 100% responsibility for Your life. How you show up, the intention behind it, and what you DO all matter tremendously in creating a life of honor and significance. This can be super simple when you lay out what you want, remind yourself of it daily and take specific action to make your dreams come to fruition!

Now lets hear it in the comments what are your 

****2017 WORDS!******




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