"Im SICK of the STUFF"

I said frantically to my husband two weeks ago. I just wanna like (waiving my hands in the air gesturing to all the Crap around me) raise a magic wand and have it all GONE

Insert the idea for #ProjectPurge

I truly believe in my core that our souls and the way we feel are influenced by our surroundings. Messy house=Messy Car=Messy feeling life. 

When we can clean up clutter, clear off spaces and purge the things that are weighing us down (weather we know it or not) we feel LIGHTER, and this feeling of lightness translates into every other area of our life. Our relationships, our work, our rest time, and our attitudes are influenced subconsciously by our environment. So why wouldn't we want a tidier, uncluttered home? Not to mention the things you could get rid of that could actually be a blessing to others?? The longer your stuff just sits in your house unused, the faster it becomes un relevant to someone else. Getting rid of it faster could put it in the hands of someone who could truly benefit from that thing you are not needing anymore! 

Although Im just staring out and we have very limited time with a new baby, doing a little bit at a time and having a master plan has really helped me feel like Im moving forward. I can seriously feel this heavy weight being lifted off of my shoulders and we uncover and unearth the things that are collecting dust and are of no use in our home. Making room for only the things we LOVE that bring us joy and that are useful

I will say though, as I started I immediately got overwhelmed. Like Where do I start? What do I choose first? and Will I ever get it all done? 

So Ive made this list of little things you can do that when completed will make you feel like you moved forward but that aren't an all weekend project! You could do these in order or choose them as you go or cross some off if they sound awful.


  1. Old Makeup
  2. Old toiletries
  3. Old Makeup brushes
  4. Gunky Makeup sponges
  5. Goopy nail polish
  6. Old loofas or wash clothes
  7. Empty or almost empty products (soaps, lotions etc..)
  8. Old medicine
  9. Old Sunscreen
  10. Old Vitamins
  11. Product samples
  12. Old hair ties, bobby pins, brushes
  13. Old curling irons/blowdryers
  14. Makeup bags you will never use
  15. Frayed or stained towels/washcloths
  16. Old sheets you don't need 
  17. Wrapping paper scraps and old Gift bags
  18. old pens and pencils
  19. scrap paper 
  20. Old magazines
  21. Old receipts
  22. Old phones
  23. Old electronics
  24. Old headphones 
  25. Old chargers and chords
  26. Old books
  27. Old directories or phone books
  28. Old Cd's or DVDS
  29. Old notebooks
  30. Scraps of mail
  31. Pens/markers/art supplies that are dried up
  32. Coupons you won't use
  33. Catalogues
  34. Old gift cards
  35. Organize all loose change into one place
  36. Old cookbooks
  37. Gifts you won't use
  38. Candles that are almost used up
  39. kick knacks you don't LOVE 
  40. Unmatched socks
  41. Concert or promo t shirts you don't wear
  42. Old bras
  43. Shoes that are worn
  44. Clothes you Know you just won't wear
  45. Hats you don't wear
  46. Undies
  47. Sunglasses that are scratched or broken
  48. Jeans that don't make you feel AMAZING
  49. Workout clothes that are torn or tattered
  50. Clean out the "dress up closet" (Or is that just me! lol) I love costumer parties!

Ok here are a few non ITEM things to help clear space on your computer/phone and brain 

  1. Unsubscribe to all email you don't want to see
  2. Clean out your Junk Mail folder
  3. Delete apps you don't use on your phone
  4. Clean out your phones contact list
  5. Cancel digital services you don't use
  6. Clean up the desktop on your computer and file things away where they go
  7. Delete music you don't listen to from your library
  8. Delete bad pics/screenshots from your phone
  9. Organize your photos digitally
  10. Switch all your bills to "paperless"

What else feels good to get ride of? Tell me in the comments below! 

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