How to get healthy without Mom Guilt

Hey Mamma! 

I know that you are just like me. You have a deep desire to get healthy and feel great in your skin, to lose the baby weight, to fit in your jeans again, to get to (or below) your pre pregnancy weight.

We ALL have the desire-but why do we fall flat on our faces when it comes to getting back into a healthy routine after baby?  

It's because its HARD. Because taking care of little tiny humans is a full time job. One that can truly suck the life right out of you. There is no daily reward in rearing children. It is a steadfast, slow moving, task oriented job that doesn't leave you feeling especially sexy or with the energy to do a big hour long workout.

And although being a mom comes with immense joy and satisfaction it really can leave you, the mom feeling like your needs and desires don't have a choice but to sit on the back burner. That in order to be a great mom you must sacrifice what you need.

I want to help you flip this notion on its head. I'm asking you to trust me here, and to really hear what I have to say.

Your cup must be full in order to pour into another cup.

Another way to say this is

You have to be the best YOU in order to be the best Mom for your children

What Im saying is that you have to choose to put your needs on the list  (I'm even daring you to put them at the TOP of the list)

If you not taking the time to make yourself feel good, to eat well, to stay hydrated, to nourish your body, to exercise and release stress, it has a negative effect on your kids and your family life and your ability to parent at your all time best.  It might seem counter intutive--Most of us are wired as moms to give give give. If we give without first not being full up ourselves, there truly is nothing to give. Like the analogy above-you cannot pour from an empty vessel. Meaning you cannot pour love, grace, patience, fun and kindness into your family unless you YOURSELF are filled up with these things. It takes a diligent and purposeful effort to do these things but listen to me mamma

It is NOT in vain-it is FOR the wellbeing of your family 

So when you think of it like this, as an act of service for your children you  take out literally EVERY once of mom guilt you might have.

  • Guilt about sitting them down with a book or show so you can get a workout in
  • Guilt about taking the time to meal plan, grocery shop and order fresh, healthy foods
  • Guilt about taking YOU time to read a book, take a bath or be alone in the bathroom even for a few minutes (can I get an amen!?)

You can flip this story on its head and LET GO of all the guilt you might have. You are not neglecting your family by taking care of your own needs. In fact its quite the opposite.

You are giving life and vibrancy to your family by making your needs a top priority! 

How to start overcoming the guilt:

  1. Be thankful for it. Having mom guilt means you CARE about being a good mom. The Guilt is born from love
  2. Don't dwell on it. don't feel guilt about the mom guilt--don't continue on in the cycle 
  3. Accept Imperfection. Be ok failing and know you will. So often we are disappointed because of expectations that are self imposed and unrealistic. If you expectation is that you do the best you can and also fail a lot, you will be a heck of a lot less disappointed.
  4. Make it fun. Lighten up, use humor and joy to lessen the intensity of the situation
  5. Know you are the PERFECT mom for your child. You were created to be their mom-there is nothing you can do to mess that up 

Here are a few quick ways to make sure you are making this a priority and fitting healthy living into your life:)

  1. Schedule out your workouts and activity for the week. Literally get it in your CALENDAR! Make it a non negotiable like you would meeting a friend for coffee
  2. Take time in advance to meal plan for the week. I have a video I made to help you do this AND A free meal planner download
  3. Tell your spouse and your kids about your new plan. Help them to understand you want to be the best mom and human that you can be and taking time just for mamma is important! 

If you need help with meal planning I made a video that will help you get the ball rolling AND I have a darling dowloadable printable that will help you stay organized (my gift to you!)


Snag the meal planner download here

Tell me in the comments below-what are the two things you are going to do this week to create space for YOUR Goals and dreams? What do you need in order to fill your cup mamma?

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