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I’ve been doing a beautiful  practice of setting intentions monthly and posting about them. So many people asked for more information on how to do this and I was happy to oblidge!

If you don’t know me, Welcome! I'm Julia and I help moms get healthy body and soul so they can be the mom and human they are meant to be. I do private coaching as well as run a group course called #mombod a few times a year.

I believe that getting healthy is a tangible and attainable thing for a new mom to do that infuses and creates change in all parts of her life.

💗I believe in a well rounded, grace filled, loving and tender approach to weight loss and motherhood💗

Ok lets get into it! 

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1. Goals vs Intentions

Goals can be harsh for mothers. They are often measurable, so there is this pass/fail idea that's attached to them. Intentions are SOFTER. They give you more grace and freedom. Which is at the core of my entire message. In my opinion, we cannot change based on a perfect or unattainable outcome.  We need to have direction and focus but not be stuck on one certain expectation

*Keep reading-at the end of the post i’ll share all my intentions from Jan 2018 until now!

This quote really sums in up for me:

“Setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity. If you were to go out in the day, and not have set any intention or created any type of prayer or manifestation of how you want the day to go, then you’re getting on a bike with no direction. This can be great sometimes because you’re allowing fate to happen to you, but if you know that you want to get somewhere, the power of setting an intention is going to help you get there.  An intention is so powerful because it slowly shows people how incredibly powerful they are. Oftentimes people allow the day, or the week, or the month to happen to them, and when you set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and manifesting and putting out that which you intend to attract and call into your life, and that is the power behind it.

-Kelsey Patel

2. topics to add to your intentions 

Setting intentions is not just about tangible, physical things. They also include how you operate internally.  Your internal health and well being. Again, this is a core principle of everything I teach. Wellness from the inside out. 

Here are some great ideas to help you brainstorm

  • Health/Wellness. Things you want to see happen in your body, your food, your routine . Do you want to eat more veggies? Talk to yourself/body with kindness? Or maybe try and new workout?

  • Sleep intentions. LOL! If you know me you know I how deeply I love sleeping!! When you want to go to bed, wake up, how many hours of sleep you want... All great intentional things to focus on.

  • Work/ career. Maybe you are dreaming of a promotion, starting your own business, or just improving your relationships in your office or with your boss.

  • Family. Are you looking to spend more intentional time with you family? Or perhaps, do you need some ME TIME away from your family? What are your hopes and dreams when it comes to the way you want your family and home to operate.

  • Spiritual. Do you want to attend church more regularly? seek a new spiritual practice? Take up meditation? Get creative here! Our spiritual lives influence our lives in big ways.

  • Simple words to live by. When I get stuck, I like to think about how I want to feel going through my day and life. Some of my words this year are "Radiant, Rooted, Nourished and Vibrant" I then make choices based on how I want to feel. (Ex--this kale will make me feel nourished so I will eat that!)

  • Home intentions. How is your calendar and schedule looking? Are there things that you need to de-commit from to free up time? (also if you need help in how to de-commit-check out my Instagram post on this topic)  Are there places in your home you need to de-clutter so you are not obsessed with your stuff? What else do you need to do to make your home somewhere you love being?

  • (Added since the video) Places you want to spend money or invest in something that has a payoff. I know for me, when I invest I succeed. It helps me put skin in the game. So wheater its committing to a new fitness routine, online course, or just a pedicure-you deserve to spend money on yourself! 

3. Let's get them on paper!

So now that I’ve listed some topics, I want you to grab a piece of paper and jot down what stands out.

What are your instincts on the intentions that would have the greatest impact?

The beauty comes in simplicity. Maybe you only have one great intention for the month or you have 10. I try and go for 5-7 tops.

*Take a quick second to write out some that stand out to you-I'll give you a big list of ones I've used in the past too to spark your imagination (below)

What you need: Piece of printer paper and some markers

What you don’t need: Perfection. No perfect handwriting, no perfect quotes or ideas or anything ok Mama?

Just start writing them out! It can take as little as 2 minutes or you can sit down and create a whole ritual around it during nap time (aka the best time) ! If you love coloring or making them pretty, using washi tape or watercolor for your intentions

→→Or literally you can just write them out in pencil. The act of doing it is the important part, not what it looks like.

You can keep them private, or share them on social media!! If you share on Social, use the hashtag #mombodintentions

If you are a part of our facebook group I encourage you to post yours in the group to inspire and uplift other moms to live intentionally.

I cannot wait to see how this simple practice can take root in your life and for you to experience growth in whatever areas will make you feel AMAZING!

Remember Mama.

You deserve to feel healthy body and soul so you can be the mom and human you are meant to be





  • We went over the diffrence between goals and intentions and why setting intentions can be a powerful force for good in your life!

  • We went over areas of growth for mind/body/spirit

  • We went over how to do it. Tip: remember no perfection necessary!

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