17 Things I Gave up in 2017.

Instead of adding a bunch of new habits I couldn't keep up with this year I slowly starting taking things out. Pruning and purging things in my life that were not serving me. Having this mindset helped me simplify, do less, save money and feel a HECK of a lot more free.

I also am a firm believer in setting a few WORDS OF INTENTION for the year, then basing my goals around that. If you have not read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte I cannot recommend it enough! 

Ok here is what I gave up to make 2017 lighter.

  1. Over scheduling. Gone are the days that I will be a slave to my busy schedule. I'm VERY selective about what goes on my calendar so I can protect my family time as well as my sanity. "Silence" and "nothing" are my two new favorite activities lol. I also love my corresponding Desire Map Planner to help me schedule according to the way I want to feel. 
  2. Overspending. I had a kind of intense come to Jesus with my business this year and cut back on a lot of what I was doing-which (at least for last year) left me with less revenue. It forced us to really look at our budget and how much money we were wasting. I have found so much freedom in the structure of our budget and making super conscious choices with our money. Only buying things that we either really need or make us super juiced to have (no more sale/bargain shopping just cause its a "good deal") I know now having been so resourceful and diligent with our money, we are opening up new channels of abundance for money to come to us in new and creative ways! 
  3. Overworking. I seriously have created so much space in my life by working less and the funny thing is that I'm actually getting WAY MORE DONE. Time is weird. Whatever task you are working on expands to fit the amount of time you have. So if you allow 20 hours for a project, it will take that long (if not more.) Allow 5 hours? You will bust a move and GET IT DONE.
  4. Overexercising. I've never loved high intensity cardio. It hurts my boobs and makes me feel drained. But for some reason I kept doing it. I thought I was supposed to, or I had to follow a program to a T or else I was a failure. I love working out and moving my body-it makes me feel rooted, energetic and fit. But I refuse to do workouts that are not fun, don't feel good and are too harsh on my body.
  5. Overeating. When I was pregnant I was able to REALLY listen to my hunger cues and listen when I was full. I sometimes craved potato chips. And I ate them. I sometimes craved kale. And I ate it. Point is, I was able to tap into the innate wisdom of my body. Taking this mindset into my post pregnancy journey has been great and I don't feel the constant urge to splurge. I know I am free to eat what I want when I want--funny how that works! (If you want to learn more about HOW I do that you best check this out my signature program
  6. Over consuming. I became super conscious of not over doing any kind of purchasing. I didn't want a clutter-y house, closet, car or kitchen. I put everything through a fine lens of "unless this is something I just cant live without-its not coming into the house" It made me choose to buy less, but when I did purchase, I chose high quality things that juiced up my life. 
  7. Gave up Dieting. Yup!! Once and for all I will never, NEVER diet again. I LOVE learning about food, nutrition, the body and being my healthiest self. BUT never will I eat EXACTLY what someone else tells me in a certain amount of portions in a certain timeline. My only child syndrome just cries out for more freedom. And kinda like #5 the more free I feel, the healthier choices I make. Humans-we are funny that way! 
  8. Saying Yes to things that were not a 100% HELL YES! Unless I'm like super pumped about it, I say no and you guys, it's so gosh darn freeing. (Tip: When saying no its great to be gracious but sometimes you have to be firm. I like the "yes, no, yes" formula. Goes like this: You start with a yes to reaffirm the person, say no without being wishy washy and then thank them. Example: "Gosh Heather, thank you so much for thinking of me to help host the PTA this year, I'm flattered you would think of me. Unfortunately its not something I am able to do. I wish you the best and know you will find the perfect fit for the job!" (make sure you don't say "Im not able to do this AT THIS TIME-that leaves it up in the air and makes it ok for them to ask you again. You don't have to even give a reason why. No can be a complete sentence when accompanied by kindness)
  9. Banished my I phone from the bedroom. Maybe the best thing EVER. It took a few weeks to get into the habit and it's still sometimes challenging, but being glued to my phone is not how I want to live my life let alone live my early morning and late nights. (Time that I really want to protect) If you don't think you are addicted to your phone--watch this
  10. Staying up too late. I figured out I don't owe my day anything more. The very best thing I can do is just GO. TO. BED! #micdrop. For me, one of the key components of this is setting a timer to turn off the TV or better yet never turning the TV on. I started reading instead and its way more relaxing and calming before bed. 
  11. Eating processed food. It just makes me feel crappy, its packed with chemicals, and its not REAL FOOD. Sometimes it's an easier choice but I think you pay in the longterm for it. Obesity, lack of energy, even cancer. I literally tossed anything and everything processed from our home. I teach a lot about what real food is in my upcoming course #MOMBOD--read about it here
  12. Drinking wine. Now do I still have a little bit here and there? Yup! and its good quality organic wine I drink and savor. But I stopped doing the everyday "I deserve a glass of wine" thing. What do I deserve? To feel rested, to be hydrated, to nourish myself, to sleep better and have more energy-none of which are accomplished with a daily drinking habit. #sorrynotsorry
  13. Putting crap on my skin. Did you know your skin is the largest organism in the body? Think about slathering your body once per day with chemical infused CRAP that seeps into your pores and lets toxins in your body. Just like we care about what we put in our bodies when it comes to food, I really believe we need to be consciously choosing skin and body care products with the same fine tooth comb. 
  14. Putting Crap into the air of my home.  Similar thought. I'm throwing away pretty much anything scented. Fabreeze, dryer sheets, petroleum based candles (even though they make your house smell so good) Do your research, but I just didn't want that stuff in the air of our home. 
  15. A full inbox. I decided to unsubscribe from almost every email I got. I chose about 10 people I LOVED hearing from and deleted the rest. I made folders also so that each day I could clear by inbox to ZERO. I always kept a pretty tidy inbox, but I left the things that still needed to get dealt with in there too long, and each time I checked my email I subconsciously was stressing about the things I hadn't completed. I now allow myself, (with the help of a timer) 15 min each to day to sort and actually FINISH the tasks in my inbox:) 
  16. Working on Tuesdays. There is a music class/story time I love taking my baby to that day and I kept finding myself working and then missing story time. I'm committed to taking at least one week day off each week to have a mini vacation feeling/FUN DAY in the middle of the week. (Thinking in 2018 it will be Fridays!) 
  17. Being obsessed with fitting in my old jeans. My body post baby is different than it was before, but If it was the same I wouldn't have my favorite human! I don't want THAT BODY-I want THIS BODY. I stopped having an unrealistic expectation for how I SHOULD look or how my clothes SHOULD fit. I marched my booty to Target, bought some super cute new clothes that actually fit my new body, and I'm feeling happier and cuter than I have in a long time. Talk about FREEDOM. This is one of the core principals in #MOMBOD                                                                                                            ------Ok now your turn!! Tell me in the comments what thing/s you want to give up to free up time, energy and money in your life!!



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